Babbling Creek Review

A Place For Fiction (& Filthy Little Half Truths)!

An online literary journal, or "E-zine" that focuses on fiction in all of glorious forms: the short story, flash fiction, novellas, and even novel excerpts. We're based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are interested in anything that's 1.) Never been published before and 2.) Exceptionally kick ass, from highly talented writers.

Welcome to Babbling Creek Review...

     We love writers (established, and emerging), because they tend to over analyze, and over feel. We love writers because they spend hours thinking about their characters, which is basically the same thing as talking to the ghosts in one's head. We love writers because (and despite outside appearances) they've got a tough, little bad ass center to 'em. We love writers because they manage to cram their craft in around work, kids, relationships, remodeling projects, gardening, vet visits, time with family, time with friends, and all the other gorgeous, maddening sh*t that makes up the human existence. Writers are dedicated to the art of the written word, which means they're dedicated to criticism, rejection, their vision, and above all to Story.

     And what is Story? A way to communicate? Sure. To entertain? Of course. To connect? Above all. Story has a way of yoking us to our fellow man, teaching us. It has the power to stay with us long after the book shuts, the lights go up, or the tab closes. Story resonates. It's far reaching. The magical thing about creating one, is that you never really know where the words will end up, or who they'll touch. All you can know for sure is that they're out there.

     At least that's what any good writer should get to rest assured in knowing.

     That's why we're here. To make a mark. To leave an impression. To offer an outlet for solace, revenge, hope, love, anger, regret, realism, cynicism, joy, acceptance...  And every thing in between. We're here as a platform for gifted writers, may they now, and always babble on.


B.C.R. is a quarterly review with editions in August, November, February, & May